Workshops / Speaking

Mountain 10 Journey to Positive Change

helps you listen to your inner wisdom to bring about the change you deeply desire in your life. Every person has the most important answers about direction, purpose and calling within them. This directed reflection process leads you through four terrains of exploration, stopping at waypoints to consider key questions about awareness, letting go, vision and realization.

Wise Decision Making

reflects on how we create ourselves and our organizations decision by decision. Our best decisions embody our highest values and boldest dreams. This workshop offers guidelines for wise decision-making based on five common principles embedded in the great wisdom traditions of the world.

Your Path to Meaning and Purpose

examines three languages to describe a meaningful life‚ÄĒauthenticity, virtue and vocation. Each language points to a different method for finding our way to a life of deep satisfaction. The language of authenticity tells us to be true to ourselves, the language of virtue advises us to form our character, and the language of vocation alerts us to our calling from within and without.

The Magic of Metaphor

is a writing workshop that plays with metaphor as a means of creative knowing and insight. We analyze powerful examples of metaphor in poetry. Using prompts and free writing we experiment with wild associations and work with an extended metaphor, listening to what it might teach us.

Shared Principles for Wise Decision Making TedxTalk

explores the common principles that connect us across cultures, countries and religions. When we understand our shared foundations we can more fully celebrate our rich diversity. We can move beyond fear to listen deeply to the unique story of each precious person and embrace our common humanity.